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Welcome to the North Shore Indoor Soccer League - Adult


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The North Shore Indoor Soccer League is composed of three different leagues - men’s, women’s and coed.  The men's and coed leagues are further broken down into two divisions. What distinguishes the two divisions is the level of play. In the “competitive” division, the play is fast and the players are experienced. In the “non-competitive” division, the play is recreational and the level of playing ability is mixed.

There is no specific criteria that a team is required to satisfy to register in either division. For this reason, the above descriptions have been provided as a guideline only. Teams should make the decision as to which division to register to based on their own comfort level.

Depending on the number of teams a given division has registered to it at the beginning of a season, the league may make the decision to break it down further. Further divisions will be based on: (i) a mini-series of games to tier the teams, (ii) a team's past performance in the league, and (iii) our referee's recommendations. The League reserves the right to allocate teams where necessary within divisions to ensure a fair and equitable level of play.

The women's division is non-competitive. Players can register with the league at the beginning of the season and prior to the season commencing, teams will are formed by the indoor league administrators. Players can continue to register throughout the season, and will be placed on a team accordingly.

NSISL News and Updates

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There are two regular seasons to choose from:

(i)  Fall / Winter Season runs from late September to February; and
(ii)  Spring / Summer Season runs from March to July.

Game Times

  • Coed games run on Friday nights (6 pm to 11 pm) and Saturday nights (3 pm to 11 pm).
  • Men's games run on Sunday nights (6 pm to 11 pm).



-    5 v 5 soccer
-    75 feet by 104 feet
-    Sunday Night Games





-    6 v 6 soccer
-   104 feet by 150 feet
-   Friday & Saturday Night Games