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Program Registration Summary

2017-18 Girls League Registration OPEN April 15, 2017
(team placement starts) otherwise, open until September
GIRLS 2017-2018
Spring Academy & Prospects 2017 closed April 30, 2017 ACADEMY SPRING
Camps - March Break 2017 closed March 20, 2017 MARCH BREAK CAMPS
Soccer 4 Everyone - Spring 2017 closed May 31, 2017 SOCCER 4 EVERYONE
After School Soccer - Spring 2017 closed May 1, 2017 AFTER SCHOOL SOCCER
Metro / Select Payments 2017 closed BASED ON TEAM FORMATION METRO & SELECT

NSGSC Membership

(only needed if not registering for Girls or Women's League)

North Shore Indoor Soccer League (NSISL) Spring Summer League 2017 (Adult) OPEN May 31, 2017 NSISL
Women's Spring/Summer Programs 2017 OPEN July 30, 2017 WOMEN'S
Women's Twist Performance & Wellness 2017 closed   TWIST
Summer Camps 2017 OPEN August 28, 2017 SUMMER CAMPS
Team Training Camps 2017 OPEN August 28, 2017 TEAM TRAINING
Coach & Manager Registration OPEN   COACH & MANAGERS
Fall & Winter Academy 2017-18 OPEN   ACADEMY FALL & WINTER 2017-18
Prospects & U12 Gold 2017-18 Invite Only - Open   PROSPECTS 2017-18
Thanksgiving Tournament OPEN   THX TOURNAMENT
Soccer 4 Everyone Fall & Winter 2017-18 tbd   SOCCER 4 EVERYONE
Pro-D Day Camps 2017-18 tbd   PRO-D CAMPS
After School Soccer - Fall 2018 tbd   AFTER SCHOOL SOCCER

How to Create a SportsEngine Account

NSGSC now will manage ALL club registrations through SportsEngine, thus allowing our members to just have one account to register for League, Academy & Camp programs.  You can even use the same account to register for Women's and North Shore Indoor Adult Leagues.

Please note that your new SportsEngine Account is a FAMILY account.  First, you create an account as the Adult/Parent and you do not have to add anyone to your account at this time.  Adding a child will happen when you register (a child for a program or a spouse).   Please note, if you are creating an account to register your child, create the account in your name and with your information first. Then, register your child and they will then be added as a sub-profile to your account.

Creating a new SportsEngine Account is very straight forward.  Here’s a good help article should you run into any difficulties.

For a few more helpful tips, look here.

Registration Fees

For a details list of our Registration Fees for the 2017-18 Girls League, click here.

Refund Policies

For more information on our Refund Policies, click here.

Payment By E-Transfer

If you'd like to pay registration fees by E-Transfer (for Girls programs only), please email payment to the club registrar and ensure you indicate your child's name, program registered for and email address of the person that registered.