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Concussion Return to Play


NSGSC adheres to BC Soccer Association’s concussion policy requiring medical clearance prior to allowing a player to return to play after being diagnosed with a concussion.  

Mandatory steps for return to play:

(1) Download the following medical clearance form - attached above:

(2) Form must be completed and signed by a Medical Doctor (MD) or Nurse Practitioner (NP)

(3) Form must be emailed to the player's coach, NSGSC Health & Fitness Director, and NSGSC Manager Business Operations

Recommended steps for return to play from BC Soccer Association:

Never return to play if you still have any symptoms!

(1) No activity, complete rest.  Once the athlete is asymptomatic, they proceed to level two.  The athlete spends, at the minimum, one day at each stage. 

(2) Light aerobic exercises such as walking or stationary cycling, no resistance training.  Performing step two without symptoms allows the athlete to proceed to level three.  If symptoms return, the athlete moves back one stage then continues.  

(3) Sport specific training (e.g. skating in hockey, running in football/soccer), progressive addition of resistance training at steps three or four.  Performing step three without symptoms allows the athlete to proceed to level four.  

(4) Non-contact training drills.  Performing step four without symptoms allows the athlete to proceed to level five.  

(5) Full contact training after medical clearance.  Performing step five without symptoms allows the athlete to proceed to level six.  

(6) Game play.