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Please note: Field Closures

NSGSC does not determine Field closures.  Field status and closures are determined by either the City of North Vancouver or the District of North Vancouver, depending on the location of the field.  North Van Rec will update the website up until the end of the business day each Friday but the website does not get updated over the weekend.  You must rely on the District and City Twitter Feeds (links below) to get up to date field status.  If a field is closed, we are NOT allowed to play on the field.

North Van Rec Conditions of Use for Artificial Turf Fields

North Van Rec has received complaints about the following from all Turf users (not just NSGSC) and we'd like to ask our club members to read through the attached Conditions of Use document and ensure we are ensuring we are courteous to all other users before and after us.

  • Groups coming on to the field and warming up long before their designated start time.
  • Not getting off the field at their designated finish time.
  • Rude behavior from some patrons in regard to being asked to move off of the field when asked. ( as it is not their time slot)
  • Various nets not being put away and leaving it for other groups to clean up after them, cutting into their game or practice times.
  • It becomes a safety issue as people and balls are colliding with both groups.


CLICK HERE:  For up to date Twitter updates on District of North Vancouver Fields

CLICK HERE:  For status on North Vancouver Fields (NVRC website - only accurate as of each Friday 4pm).  On weekends, DNV and CNV Twitter feed take precedence over this site.

CLICK HEREFor a complete listing of fields locations in the Lower Mainland

CLICK HERE:  For information on lights, goals or on-site equipment sheds.

For weekend field conditions and closures as of Friday at 4:00 pm, phone 604-983-6444 (extension 503) to listen to a pre-recorded message. On Saturdays and Sundays view the twitter feed updates above.



BOOK time at the NSGSC Bubble

BOOK a playing field through North Van Rec

BOOK a gym through North Van Rec

BOOK a gym through North Vancouver School District

Super8 Goal Info for PEEWEE TEAMS who play on grass fields with Super8 Goals.

Here is what you all NEED to know about Super8 Goals.
* Includes U12 House Teams

1. They are locked.

• To unlock them you need a KEY – it is the same key as the lime shack key, which is also the same as the light key.
• KEYS are purchased from DELBROOK REC CENTRE (the new one).

2. They MUST be locked up after your game if there is no one waiting for your field.

• Leaving these goals Unlocked is a significant safety hazard due to their size and the temptation of people jumping up on them and having them fall over on top of them. If this should happen, the District would be liable which is why locking them up after a soccer game is MANDATORY.
• If they are left unlocked, the offending team will be fined. This is a charge that NSGSC will not pay on your behalf.

3. Where do they go?

• NVRC has done a fantastic job of showing you exactly where the goals are to be locked up. (see link)
• To the right of the map window you choose the field you are playing at and a box will open up. Click on “View goal lock up directions” and an aerial photo will appear indicating the locations.

Please refer to the NVRC website below with SO MUCH information relating to the fields as we settle into our season.

If you have any other concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Nicole Dent
NSGSC Field Coordinator