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Jewelry Rules & Risks


Jewelry is not permitted to be worn by NSGSC players during any games.  Players will be inspected by referees for jewelry, and any players found to be wearing jewelry will be asked to remove it.  Players refusing to remove jewelry will not be permitted to play.  The practice of taping jewelry is not acceptable, with the exception of medical alert bracelets, which may be worn but must be taped if they are not made of velcro or a similar soft material.  Please refer to the following governing policies for more information:







Why does this rule matter?  Jewelry of any kind (e.g. rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, other visible body piercings, etc.) pose a real and proven safety risk to the player wearing it as well as those who may come in contact with them.  Referees will always ensure players adhere to the jewelry rules in order to keep everyone on the field safe and injury-free.  NSGSC recommends removing jewelry at home prior to arriving at the field as a great way to keep your special belongings safe!