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Soccer at Home Series

By Tina Homsy-Williams, 03/30/20, 1:15PM PDT


Keep the momentum going.


Soccer at Home: #2 Figure of 8

Live Daily Skills Clinics

Whitecaps #stayhome skills clinic Live Daily Skills Clinics

Soccer at Home: Anja Heiner-Møller

BC Soccer 6-week Physical Training Plan (for players 15+)

Here's the overview and the strength, endurance and speed videos.



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BC Soccer shares some fun and easy soccer activities

Simple,individual activities (with video demos) provided by BC Soccer.

Here are some simple, fun individual activities (video demos) provided by BC Soccer on their website

Mairen M. - How to play soccer at home

Siena J. - The Maradona

There’s great skills shown by these young players 

  • Dragbacks
  • Cuts
  • Cruyff/Cruijff Turns
  • Stepovers (using both feet)
  • Passing and Moving
  • Running with the ball close to feet
  • Wall Pass/Give and Go

These players are brave in possession and not afraid to express themselves with the ball. Keep working on these skills at home in your back yard, basement, bedroom, carport etc - be creative. Play alone or with a household member, brother or sister, parent- see if you can nutmeg your Mom or Dad. Have fun and let’s hope we’re back on the field soon.

We work on all these skills @NSGSC and you can continue to practice at home. 

  • These ladies are being very positive in possession showing great skills and technique in controlling the ball using different parts of the body: foot and thigh.
  • They are quick-footed in possession, being brave, and not afraid to beat the defender.
  • These professional players are an inspiration for NSGSC players to achieve their dreams. - Colin

Soccer Training at Home 

Soccer Specific Training: I would say as many touches on the ball as possible, to switch things up use different balls, soccer ball, tennis ball, toilet roll...use your imagination and creativity.

Juggling: Remember to use all parts of your body other than hands. Make it fun and go for your personal best. Before long players will have hundreds of consecutive touches before the ball touches the ground (or carpet). This is a great way to improve first touch and hand/foot eye coordination.

Wall Passes: Repetition, repetition, repetition…well you get it. There is no better way to perfect passing technique than to do it right once and continue to repeat until muscle memory takes over.

Physical Fitness Training: The routine you adapt to stay in shape depends on what's is available and what you enjoy. We are still allowed to go out by ourselves away from people so, weather permitting, get outside with a ball. Other options, for in and around the home, include home gyms, treadmills, stationary bikes, speed ladders, elastic bands, cones to set up a small track, push-ups, sit-ups, etc. The stairs in your house can also be a great way to work on fitness and muscle strength.

Mental Fitness Training Watch Professional Games: There is a great deal you can learn from watching soccer games. Both coaches and players can learn from watching the elite teams play. The training comes when you watch the game for education instead of entertainment. Coaches can find games online that are accessible to everyone (YouTube) and give your team directives as to what to look for. Defensive or offensive shape GK, defense, midfield, forwards Formations Attacking or defending patterns Specific Players Movements Decision Making Time on the Ball Etc.

Source: Coach Niels Slotboom-Olds College Broncos

Rob Kelly, Editor Soccer Coach Canada

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