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Cascadia Academy U9-U10 Program


The Spring Academy Team is a "player-centered" program focused on developing technical excellence in an enjoyable and challenging environment.  Players demonstrating advanced ability, desire and commitment to develop their talents are invited to participate. Emphasis will be placed on developing player habits, soccer-related physical coordination movements, and tactical training with the purpose of developing field awareness and improve decision making.

U9 and U10 teams will train twice per week, enter the Cascadia league and two spring tournaments.   These teams will be formed from players who participate in our U9 and U10 Winter NSGSC Academy by the Technical Staff.  Participating in the Winter Academy does not guarantee a position on these Spring Teams.

What to Expect

  • 11 or 12-week program (depending on tournaments entered) consisting of 22 training sessions, competitive exhibition games or entry into the Cascadia Soccer League
  • Registration into Cascadia Soccer League 
  • 2 tournaments (one local entry, one travel entry within Canada)
  • 2 training sessions per week, both volunteer club coach led with professional staff coach oversight
  • Volunteer club coach led games with professional staff coach oversight
  • Volunteer club coach led tournaments with professional staff coach oversight
  • Cost - $450 per player
Cascadia League

Practices Per



   Pro Coach


Yes 2 2 Yes

Registration Details

While this registration is now open, U9 & U10 Cascadia Academy Teams participants will be given a registration code by Andrew White, once the teams are formed.  Please contact Andrew if you have any further questions.


2018 – 2019 U9-10 Academy Development Program Description:

The U9-10 Academy Development Program is an enthusiastic, enjoyable and fun environment for your child to pursue the highest level in soccer that they can achieve.  Academy coaches will work to develop your child in a fun, friendly and challenging way to enhance their technical ability and improve their overall level of play. Interested players are asked to sign up for the Academy Development Program via the website, all players are encouraged to join the Academy to help grow their game.  

Attending the academy will help players build their skills and techniques within their natural ability. Players will be pushed to gain more confidence and mature as an all-around player through challenging the skills and techniques they struggle with or do not find so natural to accomplish.

Players will be placed into training groups by academy technical staff at the beginning of each academy program (Fall/Winter). Over the course of each program, the academy staff will work with every player to better their knowledge for developmental purposes and will constantly restructure the groups.

This will give players the opportunity to build relationships with others and the chance to play with and against those of similar ability.

After the Christmas break, and before spring players will be formed into Tiered Groups for exhibition games and leagues etc. 

The U9-10 tiered Groups formation will be solely down to the discretion of the academy technical staff who would have worked with the players throughout the program.

The players will be given verbal feedback by the coaches every 6 weeks so that they know coaches are identifying their progress and are invested in pushing them to become more proficient at the game as they grow.

The academy coaches will work with the players to improve playing habits, focus, age-appropriate skills, movement, agility, ability, and communication.

The Academy coaches will not accept disruption, bad manners, or disrespect at any time.

NSGSC academy Development program wants to deliver the best soccer experience possible for the players and challenge them to be the best they can be.

Contact Information

Andrew White
Academy Head Coach

Should you have a question about the U9-U10 Cascadia Academy Program, Andrew will help you any way he can.