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NSGSC has the mission to inspire a lifelong love of sport through delivering fun, inclusive and progressive soccer programs for girls and women across the North Shore. We pride ourselves in having top quality coaches and volunteers in order to continue to develop our players and the club to reach our highest potential.

Coach education and certification is a major priority.  Having coaches complete the appropriate age specific coaching course is imperative for the development of youth players in BC for both the grassroots and high performance environments. The Canada Soccer / BC Soccer Coaching Certification Courses provide coaches with the appropriate tools to create the most positive environment possible for players to develop in.

On this page, you can find information regarding the necessary courses that need to be completed for various coaching roles, session plans that have been predesigned for beginner coaches, and other details to help make your role as a coach a fun and stress-free experience.

Deadline to submit the volunteer coach application for U9-U18 for 2024-25 season is April 30th, 2024

Upcoming Coaching Courses

Our next round of Canada Soccer Grassroots Coach Education Program workshops will be this Fall. Please see below for a quick reminder of the dates:

  • Active Start (Junior Coaches - on-field workshop)
    • Coming this Fall
  • Fundamentals (U6-U8 Coaches - on-field workshop)
    • Coming this Fall
  • Learn to Train (U9-U12 Coaches - on-field workshop)
    • Coming this Fall
  • Soccer for Life (U13+ Coaches - on-field workshop)
    • Coming this Fall

NOTE: all of the above workshops will take place at the North Shore Girls Indoor Facility (Windsor Bubble). For full details and instructions, please refer to the emails from Ethan (Programs & Registration Coordinator). Please also remember that once you have completed the online theory portion (PART 1) it may take 7-10 days for the credit to be applied to your Coach Centre account (where you register for the on-field portion - PART 2).

All Head Coaches a part of our club should have received an email for registration details. If you have NOT and would like to register please email:

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Criminal Record Check

The NSGSC is governed by BC Soccer which requires that all team officials including coaches, assistant coaches, and managers have a completed Criminal Record Check (CRC) on file with their Club. The NSGSC values the safety of its players and volunteers. To that end, we have adopted the CRC as part of our Risk Management protocol.

A new CRC is required to be submitted every 3 years/36 months.

ID Cards will NOT be issued to any coach or manager  after October 15, 2020 if the NGSSC does not have a copy of their CRC on file.

We recommend going in person to the RCMP if this is your first CRC.  If you live outside of North Vancouver, then you will need to go to your local detachment.

** Please allow sufficient time for the CRC to be completed by the RCMP.  Sometimes CRCs  can be completed immediately but it is not unusual for fingerprints to be required and that can take 2 months.  **

There are two ways for you to get your criminal record check:

Option 1: Online / Mobile

NSGSC is now enrolled with the BC Government's Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP) Applicant Based Online Service also referred to as eCRC.

This service is offered free to NSGSC's volunteers. The results of your eCRC will be emailed directly to our Club Administrator. If requested, the Club Administrator will let you know once the CRC was been received by the club and will provide you with a copy - this process is NOT automatic and it must be requested.

All volunteers requiring a CRC will be emailed the Club ID and Access Code.  If you have joined NSGSC as a volunteer and do NOT have this information, please contact our Club Administrator (  To complete your online eCRC, please follow this link (you may no longer complete with the NV-RCMP).

Option 2: By Email via NSGSC

If you do not have a BC Services Card, or do not have access to online/mobile, please contact our Club Administrator ( for the manual consent form which NSGSC will submit on your behalf. (CRCs completed through NV-RCMP are no longer valid, please do NOT visit the local RCMP office for your criminal records check.

Virtual Coaches Corners

Coaches Corners will be held a couple of times throughout the year. The purpose of the coach's corner is to provide coaches with the opportunity to ask any questions or address any concerns they may have leading into the season and during the season.

Please see below the Coaches Corners that happened Sept 2021:

Playing Time

At North Shore Girls Soccer Club (NSGSC), we care about the growth and development of all our players. With our Fair Playing Time structure, we ensure that all players get the opportunity to compete in game play and use the tools they have been working on in training.

NSGSC’s Fair Playing Time Guidelines, players playing time will be determined on the following aspects:

Team Commitment

  • Player attending training on a regular basis.
  • Player showing up on time to practices and games.
  • Player communicates with coaches about absences, injuries, and tardiness.

Player Preparedness

  • Player organized and prepared for practices and games.
  • Players ready and engaged for all team activities.

Player Performance

  • Player consistency and coachability during practices and games.
  • Player performance during practices and games.
  • Player effort during practices and games.
  • Player attitude and demonstration of respect in sport.

Note the specific number of minutes depends on many factors, such as: number of players on the roster, number of players at a particular game, gameplay timing, injuries/illness, roles/positions on the field (e.g. goalkeeper), and state/importance of the game.  Due to this playing time should not be measured on a one or two game basis but over the course of several games.

Coaching Courses

NSGSC Requires all Head Coaches to have the age appropriate certifications run by BC Soccer completed, in order to be selected for a coaching position. All assistant coaches are also encouraged to complete the training courses. There are two streams of coaching courses the Community Stream and the Licensing Stream. The below images show will help guide you to the appropriate courses you will need to complete.

Community Coach Stream – This is an introduction to coach education. Head coaches will be sent an email by with which of the age group-appropriate courses they need to take (Active Start, Fundamentals, Learn to Train, and Soccer for Life).  Each course focuses on a different stage of development regarding children, youth, and adult levels of play.  Coaches are not formally evaluated at these levels and do not need a pre-requisite to register.

The Licencing Stream -  This is for individuals who wish to pursue advanced levels of coaching.  If you are looking to take the C Licence Program, please correspond with NSGSC Director of Coaching Amar Talic as approval is needed if any reimbursement will be sought.

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Safe Sport

At NSGSC the safety of our players is our top priority. It is crucial that our players are having fun in an environment that is safe for all participants. We follow the Canada Soccer Safe Sport guidelines that outline the importance of safety in a positive, welcoming environment. We ask that if you are a member or associated with the club you review the documents, policies, and procedures found below in order to keep everybody safe while they are having fun.


Additional Resources

Following Brand Standards

NSGSC KIT MUST be worn in all league competitions including cup/provincials.  Custom gear (which follows standards) can be worn for fun/post-season tournaments.
Brand standards MUST be followed.


MUST be Club colours, alternates for "fun" (neon, pink/purple) may be approved - please email

MUST include NSGSC logo

Can NOT include an augmentation or alteration to NSGSC logo

May include team name/ID

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