Finacial Aid & Refunds

Refund Policy


NSGSC is a not-for-profit organization.

This policy contemplates the following considerations:

Ongoing inflation, safe sport movements and professionalization have all increased several operational costs for NSGSC.  These include:

  • Increased fields and limited availability of field times due to increases in participation and innovation of other sports post-pandemic
  • New mandatory team equipment requirements (cones, balls) for efficient training
  • Addition of a security system after an increase in break-ins and vandalism, to protect our valuable indoor Bubble facility
  • Addition of new professional and technically licensed staff to improve player development
  • NSGSC commits to some program expenditures well in advance of the season or camp as registration numbers are determined. These expenses are not recoverable to the Club if/when a member withdraws.
  • At all times, NSGSC is responsible for safeguarding the long-term financial stability of the club.
  • Please allow 1-2 weeks for refunds to be processed.
  • The final amount of any refund will be at the NSGSC’s discretion. Refund amounts subject to change.
  • NSGSC understands that unpredictable situations come up suddenly, and agrees to work with families on unique cases. If your situation requires, please email us at

For the below programs, refund requests must be submitted via email to Please include the player's name, age group, and program.

All Refund requests apply to CANCELLATION/WITHDRAWAL of Participation from the program.


  • Up to 2-weeks prior to the Camp Start Date, 82% Refund
  • Within 13 days of the Camps Start Date, NO Refund


  • Within 14 days of program commencement, a cancellation fee equivalent to ONE SESSION will be charged
  • A cancellation fee equivalent to TWO SESSIONS will be applied to all refund requests and the refund will be prorated based on the portion of the Session elapsed, whether participation has occurred or not.


For ALL Youth League refunds, requests must be submitted via email to both and your AGC (Age Group Coordinator). Please include the player's name, age group, team name, and phone number.

PLEASE NOTE: Refunds are not provided for cancellations of games or practices due to field closures related to weather.

PRE-SEASON = Prior to First Session = 82% Refund*
• FALL – Prior to September 9th
• WINTER – Prior to January 6th

MONTH 1 = Before the end of the first month of the Sessions 65% Refund*
• FALL – September 9th – October 7th
• WINTER – January 6th – February 2nd

After the first month of the Session = NO Refund
• FALL – After October 7th
• WINTER – After February 2nd

PRE-SEASON = Prior to August 19 = 82% Refund*
BLOCK 1 = Early-Season. August 19 –September 22 = 65% Refund*
BLOCK 2 = Fall. September 23 - December 15 = 40% Refund
BLOCK 3 = Winter. December 16th onwards = NO Refund
Refunds will be based on 100% of your paid league registration, and if applicable Metro or Select, fees.

*EXCEPTION TO PRE-SEASON & BLOCK 1 – For METRO/D1/SELECT players only. Metro/D1/SELECT players who accept a spot with NSGSC are subject to a 60% PENALTY on their League + Metro/D1/SELECT Fee should they choose to withdraw their placement and/or move to another Club prior to September 22nd, 2024. This includes players moving to BCSPL not outlined in the rules below specific for NVFC and BFC.

METRO/D1 Players:

  • At any point prior to December 15th, 2024 a U14 -U16 Div 1 Renegades or Impact player is invited to move to BCSPL-NVFC, confirmed by the NVFC TD, NSGSC DoC and D1 Head Coach. (Rate will be calculated based on move date).
  • At any point prior to December 15th, 2024 that a U17-U18 Renegades player is invited to move to BCSPL-BFC or BCSPL-FFC, confirmed by the BFC or FFC TD, NSGSC DoC and Metro Head Coach. (Rate will be calculated based on move date).
  • A player’s jersey(s) plus shorts must be returned to the team's manager before a refund will be processed.


*EXCEPTION TO PRE-SEASON & BLOCK 1 – For U6/U7 players only. U6/U7 families who are new (having never played with NSGSC before) to soccer, and find that the program is not working for their family, may withdraw prior to September 30th and receive an 82% refund.*

*OTHER EXCEPTIONS FOR CONSIDERATION – Partial refunds will continue to be given to:

  • Injured players (with Doctor's note). (Rate will be calculated based on injury documentation date).
  • Wait-listed players will have their registration fees returned if we do not have space.



For players on a pro-rated multiple payment schedule, should they fail to complete payments, they will be contacted by the Registrar on two (2) instances over a 30-day period following the due date of the fees. Failure to communicate with the Club Registrar and/or making mutually agreeable alternate arrangements will result in their suspension from all club programs. Unpaid registration fees after the expiry of the 30-day period may also result in the member being removed from the roster and active status within the District and BC Soccer.

Where a payment plan has not been established between the Club and a registrant, the Club upholds the following principles in respect to the collection of any amounts due and payable to the Club by any registered member:

  • Unpaid registration fees after the first month of any season of play or development program may result in the player being immediately removed from the roster and removed from active status within the District and BC Soccer.
  • Unpaid registration fees or payment due on the account beyond 30-days from its due date will render the account to be not in good-standing and registration for Club programs will no longer be made available until the account is brought up to date.

Financial Aid

  1. Applicants will be required to apply for financial assistance directly, and prior to registration.
  2. If your financial assistance is pending at the time of registration we will ask you to pay at registration and we will provide you a refund once the funds for your application are sent to us on your child's behalf.
  3. Please note the amount of funding you receive can vary and is dependant upon the agency you apply to, along with the amount they are able to provide to you.
  4. For those players registering for evaluations you will be required to pay the evaluation fee.
  5. If paying for full registration upfront will cause financial distress please email the registrar in confidence at and we will find a workable solution.
  6. If participating in evaluations or playing for a Metro,  Division 1 & 2 team receipt of all financial assistance applications must be received prior to the first date of evaluations.

North Shore Girls Soccer Club recognizes that not all families can afford to pay entire registration fees to participate in organized team sports.  NSGSC relies on the generous support of three wonderful organizations to assist parents in the payment of these fees.  Please note that these organizations normally fund BASE REGISTRATION FEES only.  Please inquire specifically about 'seasons' as many will consider Fall/Winter/Spring all as different, so for regular league season Sept-Mar, you may be eligible for 2-season funding.

Requests for financial assistance can be made either through the following organizations:

North Shore Girls Soccer Club asks all parents/guardians applying for financial assistance to submit a financial assistance request to the above-mentioned organizations prior to registration and send a completed copy of the application (in confidence) to the Club’s Registrar either by email to:

NEW NSG Bursary Fund

For those players who are invited or have the ability to play at a Select/Metro/Advanced level of play, these extra fees may not be eligible through the above sources.  In order to support players with their skills development and youth pathway, North Shore Girls Soccer Club has a unique NSG Bursary fund to help players who need financial support pursue their dreams of more soccer!

This funding is available to players support Select/D1-M additional Fees and/or Development Centre Program Fees (*Program must be greater than 8-weeks in length).  Funding from $250-750/season per player is available.

Candidates can complete the confidential application form to be reviewed for support funding.  Eligibility:

  • Must be on a U11-U18 Metro, D1 or Select D2 team, or on the Women's Premier team
  • You are an active member of NSGSC
  • Must demonstrate financial need based on these guidelines:
    • Single-Parent/Household Income <$61,465.00 gross/year
    • 2-Parent/Household Income <$87,533.00 gross/year
    • extraordinary hardship due to a new unique family situation
  • You will need to submit your Notice of Assessment from the most recent tax year that shows line 15000 for all income earners in the household. To obtain your most recent Canada Revenue Agency Notice of Assessment, contact Revenue Canada at 1-800-959-8281 or log into your CRA Account online
  • Applications must be received prior to August 15th for the 2024/25 season
  • Note funding for camps, tournaments or championships do not apply