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NSGSC has the mission to inspire a lifelong love of sport through delivering fun, inclusive and progressive soccer programs for girls and women across the North Shore. We pride ourselves in providing our players with all the necessary support and resources in order to continue to develop and support YOU to reach your highest potential.

We have many resources at NSGSC to support the growth and development of our player's 4 pillars. On this page, you can find information regarding these resources we provide to our players.

Strength & Conditioning

NSGSC has partnered with Private Coaching Co. (PCC) to provide on-field strength & conditioning for teams at NSGSC.

Together, NSGSC and PCC's mission is to co create an enjoyable experience for all participants, while fostering the physical development of each athlete across each of our three areas of focus:

  1. Injury Prevention: Use strengthening, mobility, and assessing technique to keep athletes healthy, allowing them to participate in all training sessions and games.
  2. Fundamental Movement Skill Training: Use assessments and instructions to ensure athletes are learning proper movement techniques in order to ensure efficiency in movement, and avoid injury, while creating a solid athletic base.
  3. Strength and Conditioning: Use individual and team programming to help athletes develop their strength, speed and agility, translating to higher performance on field.

Currently, PCC primarily works with NSGSC's Renegades and Division 1 teams on a weekly basis during the Fall/Winter season as part of their high performance curriculum.  Any NSGSC player or team also has the opportunity to connect with PCC for private sessions at a discounted rate.

For more information, please connect with our high performance director, Amelia Ng, or PCC directly.

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Injury Management

When we compete in the game, injuries are always a risk. At NSGSC, we want to encourage the competition and love of the game of our players on and off the field. We have proudly partnered with the Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Clinic (AMSMC) to proud our players the support off the field should any type of injury occur.

Founded in 1981 at the University of British Columbia (UBC), the Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Clinic (AMSMC) was the pioneer in the multidisciplinary management and treatment of sports injuries. Over forty years and multiple clinics later, they continue to be a leader in rehabilitation throughout the Lower Mainland. Their therapists are involved as clinical educators and mentors through their association with UBC’s Faculty of Medicine and Schools of Physical Therapy and Kinesiology. They are also involved with the education of residents, fellows, and practicing physicians through their partnership with UBC Sport and Exercise Medicine. The multidisciplinary associates of AMSMC have significant experience working with athletes at all levels of competition from regional/national to Olympic and professional.

With our partnership, AMSMC will be providing NSGSC players the following services:

  1. Injury Assessment
  2. Rehabilitation Process
  3. Return to Play protocols
  4. Clinical Concussion Assessment & Rehabilitation

They are currently operating out of the North Shore Winter Club located on Keith Road and NSGSC players can contact them directly to book an appointment! For more information about AMSMC, please visit their website at:


Injury Prevention Warm Up

Injury prevention programs enhance performance and keep kids in sports longer!

  • The risk of knee injury in youth female athletes is 2-8 X greater compared to male athletes
  • Non – contact ACL injuries occur more often in female athletes especially in the 12-13 year age group!
  • After a knee injury, 44% of girls will not return to their previous level of activity and have an increased chance of developing osteoarthritis later in life
  • 70-80% of youth ACL injuries occur in non-contact positions during decelerations and changing direction or landing on one leg

Injury prevention programs work!

  • Adherence of the program is KEY to injury prevention
  • Injury prevention programs have the best outcomes if they are performed 2-3 times a week
  • The potential for a non-contact ACL injury decreases by 67% in a well adhered injury prevention program
  • Performing an injury prevention program for at least 2 months has been shown to improve balance, strength and agility
  • Strengthening exercises have been shown to be safe and effective in players younger than 14 years old

The strength and resistance exercises provided in the NSGSC Injury Prevention program are designed to help provide guidance for coaches, players and families to help reduce risk of injury. These exercises are intended to help increase muscular strength and improve overall mobility.

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An important part of athletic performance is nutrition. From what they eat/drink, when, and how much they eat/drink, all depend on frequency, duration and intensity of their activities. Most importantly, all of the above needs to consider individual preferences as well.

A youth athlete’s weekly schedule can be very busy. To ensure they can perform at their best during game time, proper consumption of fluids and foods is a very important part of their daily routine.

This presentation is to help provide a general guideline and may not be suitable for everyone. It is important to develop a strategy that works and feels good for INDIVIDUALS.

NSGSC has partnered with Alia Dunnill, a certified holistic nutritionist, personal trainer, life coach and breathwork facilitator. Shehas been working in the health and wellness space for the last 10 years. She works with clients to help them achieve their goals the way they want to live their life, with sustainable habits as #1 priority.

Nutritional needs are dependent on the individual and the club. The partnership with Alia at NSGC can be provided as follows:

  • Cater Nutrition plans to meet players’ performance goals / requirements
  • Formulate a course for players to understand nutrition on a deeper level
  • Develop hybrid of Nutrition plans, education and habit building to ensure players are fully supported

Please contact Alia directly and reference NSGSC on your phone initial appointment!

If you want more information on Nutrition, please visit our information page here:

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Mental Performance

NSGSC has established a curriculum that focuses on transition to grow; by providing a safe space for players to share their stories, without fear and judgement, and to aid in their transformation both on and off the field.

Key areas will include:

  • Trauma
  • Anxiety
  • Transitional and Relational issues.

This will include both in person and online workshops for all players throughout NSGSC to attend as well as ability to access one to one sessions with a counsellor through our partners.

At NSGSC, we have partnered with Metamorphose Counselling and Consultation Ltd. Metamorphose Counselling and Consultation Ltd. is a female owned business that focuses on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging.

Their counsellors are passionate individuals who provide tools and resources to enable all groups and peoples navigating a transition to grow; by providing a safe space for them to share their stories, without fear and judgement, and to aid in their transformation.

They offer low-cost counselling through our qualifying counsellors to help qualifying individuals and families to equally receive the help they need.


Safe Sport

At NSGSC the safety of our players is our top priority. It is crucial that our players are having fun in an environment that is safe for all participants. We follow the Canada Soccer Safe Sport guidelines that outline the importance of safety in a positive, welcoming environment. We ask that if you are a member or associated with the club you review the documents, policies, and procedures found below in order to keep everybody safe while they are having fun.


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