To provide our players the opportunity for development to their greatest potential and highest level that they desire to play.

Evaluations are held at the end of the U10 season to form new competitive tiered teams for entry into BC Coastal Soccer League for the U11 season. Staff coaches will lead sessions where players will be divided into appropriate groups based on their current level of play.​

For older players, NSGSC will continue to use team-based training camps as a better environment to evaluate players. The Training Camp system will place a heavier weight on historical data i.e. previous season review (Head Coach), Academy Staff feedback, and training camps.

For all current U11-U17 Select/Renegades players, player assessments are done throughout the season, culminating with two team camps at the end of February-early March where Club staff have a final review of player skills and development. No registration is required. Training camps REPLACE your regular team training sessions during evaluations weeks of February 27th and March 6th.

Following the training camps, Club staff lead the team formation process for competitive Div 1, Div 2 and Metro.  Players will be notified of their placement by early-April.  All Select (D1/2) and Renegades (D1/M) players are required to pay an additional fee upon placement.  For more information on Select/Renegades see our Leagues section of the website.


1. Historical data. This places the emphasis more on historical seasons data versus one-off try-out performance.

1. A better environment. Players will be playing in a familiar environment with their own team and their coach on the sidelines.

2. Promotes the fact that evaluations are always ongoing. Players who are consistently performing well will be highlighted at the end of season rankings and therefore rewarded with opportunities to progress through our system.

3. A more intimate setting. Fewer players = a closer look at new players. More opportunities for players to be on the ball during gameplay to be seen.

4. Coach mentorship can better occur as Technical Staff will now work alongside the Team Coaches during this process to help prepare the teams for the season ahead and monitor the player’s development.

2013 Born: Incoming U11

Optional Individual Open Assessments

#1: Monday, March 6th: 6:00pm-8:00pm - Windsor (2 x 1HR sessions)

#2: Tuesday, March 7th: 6pm-8:00pm -Windsor (3 x 1HR sessions)

#3: Thursday, March 9th:  5:30pm-8:30pm - NSGIF Bubble (3 x 1HR sessions)

The Details

  • Current NSGSC players MUST be registered for next season AND for the assessment camp in order to attend
  • Non-NSGSC players MUST be pre-registered for the assessment camp in order to attend
  • Players MUST attend all assessment sessions to be considered for a Division 1 or 2 team
  • Players will play in a 6 v 6 format
  • Players will be pre-sorted for sessions 1 & 2 (start on their current team)
  • Players will be re-sorted for session 3

2006-2012 Born: Incoming U12-U18

The Details: 

  • Players MUST be registered for 2023/24 Season in order to be assessed
  • All D1/2 Players will attend training camps with their current team.
  • All D3 Players wishing to be considered for a Select D1/2 team, MUST submit a "Play-Up Request" form.  Players will then be contacted regarding which camp session to attend - this will replace their regular team training for that week.
    • If coming from a non NSGSC team, you will be placed according to your current level of play.
  • During training camp, NSGSC staff will run the session along with team coaches and monitor all players for the duration.
  • Player movement on team/tiers will occur during the session based on staff recommendations (Example: tier 2 player to train with tier 1 team) Staff will connect and discuss movements during sessions.
  • Players will attend the 2nd training camp on the team recommended by staff.
  • Please note that there is no registration process necessary for current NSGSC players.

Training Camp with current team

2012 Born - Incoming U12:

#1: Monday, March 6th: 8:00pm-9:00pm - Windsor

#2A: Friday, March 10th: 6:00pm-7:00pm - Windsor
#2B: Friday, March 10th:  7:00pm-8:00pm - Windsor

2011 Born - Incoming U13:

#1: Tuesday, March 7th: 8:00pm-9:00pm - Windsor

#2A: Friday, March 10th:  5:00pm-6:00pm - NSGIF (Bubble)
#2B: Friday, March 10th:  8:00pm-9:00pm - Windsor


2006-2010 Born - Incoming U14-U18:

Evaluations are now finished.  If you are a new player to the North Shore or a non-NSGSC player that still wishes to be considered for a NSGSC team for 2023/24 please contact TDM, Amar Talic - amart@nsgsc.com 

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More Information


Divisional Select level soccer begins at the U11 year and continues through U18, this is necessary for participation in the BC Coastal Soccer League (BCCSL).  Tiering allows for player development and high-performance progression as players move towards and within full-sided competitive soccer and the BC Soccer Premier League (BCSPL) in their U14 year. 

Divisional Select – Division 1 (2006-2008 only) and Division 2 teams, tiered based on player development and competitiveness; multiple teams within one division may be balanced for optimal playing experience.  Divisional Select teams have higher costs of operation and therefore extra fees apply. 

Renegades / Jr. Renegades – Division 1 (2009-2013) and Metro (2006-2008), are the highest-performing teams at the Club level made up of our most advanced and competitive players in each age group.  Renegades teams have higher costs of operation, including certified professional staff coaches, and therefore extra fees apply. 

BCCSL – BC Coastal Soccer League:  facilitates gameplay environment for over 21,000 youth players across 8 regional Lower Mainland districts 

BCSPL – BC Soccer Premier League – the provincial level pathway supports the development and identification of players within a standards based environment; from here, players can develop and be selected into the Whitecaps Girls Elite REX program that feeds the Canadian National Women’s Team (Canada Soccer/CSA) 


  • All players within the NSGSC can express interest to play at the Select Level.

  • Players must be registered for the season they are looking to be evaluated for

  • If a player cannot attend the NSGSC Assessment Training Camps, to be considered for a select team they must notify the club of their absence, ensure they are registered for NSGSC and have paid the Evaluation Fee* (*current U10s only).  

 Underage Players 

  • Any underage player may express interest and be assessed for a Select level team.

  • To make a Select team, the underage player must make the starting lineup. For example, U11 and U12 play 8v8, therefore an underage player must be evaluated as being in the top players, U13 play 11v11, therefore an underage player must be evaluated as being in the top 11. 

In-Season Assessments of Players 

All NSGSC Club Team Head Coaches that are moving into a season with Select Levels are responsible to submit evaluations of each player at a few points during the season. Technical Staff assigned to each specific age group will work with the Head Coach throughout the season to ensure that their evaluations paint an accurate picture of the players at the time. 

Number and Level of Select Teams 

  • Prior to the end of the current 2022/23 season, the NSGSC Technical Staff will estimate the number of teams and levels of these teams for the upcoming season. These decisions will be focused on what is best for overall Club/player development and consider the number of players in each age group, league structures, early Club coach evaluations, and Club identification sessions. 

  • Following the NSGSC Assessment Camps, the Technical Staff can increase or decrease the number/level of teams, based on the registered players that attended the NSGSC Final Open Evaluations. 

  • Team formations for all of U11-U13 Select and all Renegades teams will be done by the Technical Staff 

  • Team formations for all other Divisional Select teams will be done through a collaborative process involving Head Coaches AGCs and Club Technical Staff

 Coach Selection 

  • Coaches are asked to express their interest in coaching for the upcoming season 

  • Coach selection will be done by the Technical Staff, who know the coaches best 

  • Coaches will be assigned AFTER the formation of teams to ensure that all players are considered for their preferred level 

Appeal Process

Our evaluations process is ongoing and we as a club reserve the right to move our players internally at any time during the season, subject to BC Soccer movement policy. If players feel wrongly placed, they can submit their form once final rosters have been announced.

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