Goalkeeping Program

The NSGSC Goalkeeping Program focuses on introducing and refining technical skills aligned with physical preparation and movements related to this position. For the most specialized player on the field, this program offers a thoughtful and detailed plan to fit the goalkeeper's unique needs cover a holistic approach.

Goal Keeping is an extremely important component of the game and NSGSC is passionate about providing the opportunity for our players to excel in this role on their teams. The NSGSC Goalkeeping Program will be led by a specialized goalkeeper coach and League 1 BC Gk’s, that will be able to provide valuable goalkeeper specific knowledge and techniques to help grow and develop players who are interested in pursuing this position on the field.

The Goalkeeping Program will focus on specific goalkeeping techniques from our goalkeeping coaches Nick Riccardi and League 1 BC Altitude goalkeepers Kelsey Fisher & Meghan Thitchener.

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Program Start: September 12th/14th - March 6th/8th

Duration: 22 Weeks (1hour/week)

Mondays @ Windsor 5:45pm – 6:45pm

Wednesdays @ Fen Burdett 5:30pm – 6:30pm

Cost $350

*Limited spots available*

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What Level Are you?


Session Details

Recommended: U8-U10

  • New?
  • Unsure?
  • Nervous?

This is the perfect level for you.  You will be introduced to diving techniques and catching.  You will work to develop footwork and getting your hands out for the save.


Recommended: U10-U13

  • Need a refresher of the basics?
  • Want to learn how to attack the ball?

This level works with you on the foundations you have already established and pushes you to extend yourself.  You will continue to work on diving and catching but will be challenged to utilize the power step and attack the ball.


Recommended: U13+

  • Have been a goalkeeper for a few years?
  • Have a good understanding of the basics?
  • Have the desire to extend yourself?

This level will focus on solidifying your basic techniques and challenging you to extend your dive technically.  We will be exploring angles and how the power step helps make a save.  Reactions and distribution will be part of this curriculum.  You will work on developing strength and agility as well as reactions.


  • Basics of catching
  • Basics of diving
  • Forward collapse*
  • Body position
  • Movement in the goal
  • Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Balance
  • Getting Set/Ready


  • Getting Set/Ready
  • Diving technique (
  • Soft hand catching
  • Forward collapse
  • Body position
  • Crosses
  • Rebounds
  • Aspects of fitness
  • 1 touch receiving / passing with both feet


  • Power Step (Focused) and diving
  • Angle play and positioning (reactions and rebound control)
  • Distribution
  • Establishing a routine (what is a pre-game warm-up?)
  • Footwork
  • Fear of failure and mental toughness (“classroom” session)

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