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At NSGSC the safety of our players is our top priority. It is crucial that our players are having fun in an environment that is safe for all participants. We follow the Canada Soccer Safe Sport guidelines that outline the importance of safety in a positive, welcoming environment. We ask that if you are a member or associated with the club you review the documents, policies, and procedures found below in order to keep everybody safe while they are having fun.

Below you can find links to our policies and code of conducts along with injury reports & insurance, rules and regulations, and concussion return to play guidelines.


Health & Safety Officer

Jana Madill

The Health and Safety officer should be contacted with any injury, physical/mental health, or safety concerns. All reports will be reviewed by the health and safety officer and will be assessed and dealt with directly by the club, or will move forward to a third-party assessment for further investigation and support.


Injury Reports & Insurance

Injury Reports - League BC Soccer

It is very important to please ensure you fill out an injury report form and submit it to the Health and Safety Officer if there is an injury during a practice or game. While our club insurance is secondary to your family's coverage, in the event it is needed at any time, there needs to be a record of the injury very close to the date it occurred.   So coaches and parents, please take the time to ensure this is filled out and sent in within 2 weeks of the injury.

The form is attached below.  It is a good idea to print off a few and keep with your team's first aid kit.

Insurance Claim Form

This insurance policy acts as secondary insurance coverage.  Your claims should first go through your work or family policy and in the event, you require more coverage or you do not have extended benefits, you should apply with these forms to make a claim. Sport Accident Insurance - Sport Accident Insurance is coverage for sanctioned practices and games.  This includes items such as dental, physiotherapy, accident reimbursement, accidental death, fracture indemnity, rehabilitation indemnity, tuition fees reimbursement, emergency transportation benefit, and eye glasses or contact lenses expense.

If you need to make a claim to SBC Insurance, fill out the form below and submit it to the Health and Safety Officer.  We have to fill this out with our policy number and have it signed by NSGSC Leadership.  Once done, the form will be sent back to you to submit to SBC directly.   We will not sign these forms if an Injury Report has not been submitted.

- Group Accident # ACL 6022 (please enter ACL 6022 under GROUP POLICY No)
- Per the claim form, SBC Insurance must receive notice of the accident within 30 days and receive claim documentation within 90 days of the accident.

Sports Accident Insurance

The attachment below contains more information (steps to claim and contact information) on our Sport Accident Insurance, provided through our membership with BC Soccer and SBC Insurance.

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Jewelry Rules & Risks

Jewelry Rules

Jewelry is not permitted to be worn by NSGSC players during any games.  Players will be inspected by referees for jewelry, and any players found to be wearing jewelry will be asked to remove it.  Players refusing to remove jewelry will not be permitted to play.  The practice of taping jewelry is not acceptable, with the exception of medical alert bracelets, which may be worn but must be taped if they are not made of velcro or a similar soft material.  Please refer to the following governing policies for more information:




Jewelry Risks

Why does this rule matter? 

Jewelry of any kind (e.g. rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, other visible body piercings, etc.) pose a real and proven safety risk to the player wearing it as well as those who may come in contact with them.  Referees will always ensure players adhere to the jewelry rules in order to keep everyone on the field safe and injury-free.  NSGSC recommends removing jewelry at home prior to arriving at the field as a great way to keep your special belongings safe!

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Concussion - Return To Play

NSGSC adheres to BC Soccer Association’s concussion policy requiring medical clearance prior to allowing a player to return to play after being diagnosed with a concussion.

Mandatory Steps For Return To Play

(1) Download the following medical clearance form - attached above:

(2) Form must be completed and signed by a Medical Doctor (MD) or Nurse Practitioner (NP)

(3) Form must be emailed to the player's coach, and NSGSC Health & Safety Officer

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Recommended steps for return to play

From BC Soccer Association:

Never return to play if you still have any symptoms!

(1) No activity, complete rest.  Once the athlete is asymptomatic, they proceed to level two.  The athlete spends, at the minimum, one day at each stage.

(2) Light aerobic exercises such as walking or stationary cycling, no resistance training.  Performing step two without symptoms allows the athlete to proceed to level three.  If symptoms return, the athlete moves back one stage then continues.

(3) Sport specific training (e.g. skating in hockey, running in football/soccer), progressive addition of resistance training at steps three or four.  Performing step three without symptoms allows the athlete to proceed to level four.

(4) Non-contact training drills.  Performing step four without symptoms allows the athlete to proceed to level five.

(5) Full contact training after medical clearance.  Performing step five without symptoms allows the athlete to proceed to level six.

(6) Game play.

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