Team Travel Procedure


If you are travelling OUT OF PROVINCE, including to the USA, for a tournament, the tournament organizers likely need you to provide a travel release from your PSO, which needs to be approved by NSGSC, District, AND BC Soccer.

For Approval by NSGSC please email For your form submissions, please send them to

PLEASE NOTE: Payment for this permit is the responsibility of the team, but can be made by NSGSC and be reimbursed if easier given we have an account with BC Soccer.

Please find below the links to the BC Soccer Travel Policy as well as the Travel Application.



All participants are covered under basic BC Soccer insurance, but this does NOT include travel insurance or emergency medical insurance when outside BC.  All of your players/coaches/managers must carry their own travel insurance.

Depending on the timing of the tournament, this will be included as part of the current or future season insurance, ALL players/adult team officials must be registered to NSGSC for the season in which the tournament takes place (summer tournaments are part of NEXT season).  If you are using call-ups or pick-ups, you must ensure that they are registered with a member youth Club in BC in the pertaining season.

The Club does not compensate paid PTE coaches/Renegades coaches for tournaments outside of those pre-included in their contracts, and we currently have no travel tournaments in our plans.  Should your coaches be requesting compensation, the team would have to manage this through team fees/fundraising.  The Club will not compensate coaches for travel insurance, per diems, travel allowances, or otherwise.

All costs of recreational/exhibition tournaments are the responsibility of the team/players/families.



If you are travelling with Club players and Club coaches, as a NSGSC Club Team, your players MUST represent NSGSC, in appropriate branded uniforms/colours.

If the team would like to make a request for travel tents, coolers, other equipment or even something like training t-shirts that you would like to add something to, etc. our Equipment Manager can help coordinate that: please email:

If you have a new/pick-up player(s) that need access to a jersey/kit, please email our equipment manager:

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