Girls League

The Girls league is separated by age group, and as players get older they become eligible to be invited to play on higher level teams we refer to as select teams. Select teams consist of different divisions, divisions 1 & 2, where they are then further evaluated for our BCSPL team that begins at the age of 13.

The Girls League begins with the Mini's league that starts at the age of 3 and goes until the age of 6. Following the Mini's League, we have the Foundations which are U8 - U10, ages 7-9. These players play with a slightly bigger ball and start to play with more players on the field. Lastly, the Divisional League starts at the U11 level and goes until the U18 level. The Divisional league has leagues for players who would like to continue to play at the "House" recreational level or for players who would like to progress their soccer careers and play in a more intense and competitive environment in the select divisions. To learn more about the leagues or on how to register please click on one of the buttons below. 

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Development Centre

The NSGSC offers development programs from ages 5 - 15. Each program is run by one or more of our professional coaching staff and is designed uniquely for each age group in order to help players progress themselves. We focus on the FUNdementals as well as skills, and techniques to provide players the ability to reach their top potential. These programs are also used to evaluate players for future select development programs such as the NSGSC Prospects and BCSPL Prospects development programs offered within the club. For more information or to learn how to register for one of our development center programs or our prospect programs please click on one of the button options below.  

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The NSGSC has a goalkeeping program run by Laine who has been coaching with NSGSC since 2011.  In addition to being a teacher, she is proud to be a goalkeeper and is excited to share that passion with our NSGSC Goalkeepers. Our goalkeeping program is targeted at any players interested in focusing on goalkeeping who are 7 years or older. It has three different levels depending on the player's abilities, each with a focus on introducing and refining technical keeper skills with well throughout sessions players geared towards the player's skill levels and needs for improvement. For more information please click on the button below. 

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Soccer 4 Everyone

The Soccer 4 Everyone program is designed for all girls and boys, aged 6-16, with any skill level, who are interested in gaining confidence in the game. It has a Focus on skill development and physical literacy in a fun, inclusive, and engaging environment. The welcoming environment allows for players to enjoy soccer without any pressure on their abilities or performance to maximize their enjoyment throughout the session while still developing their skills. Players do not need to know anything about soccer and are encouraged to register to have fun with their friends or meet new friends while staying active. Click on the button below to learn more about the program and registration details. 

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The North Shore Girls Soccer Club offers a series of Individual Skills Camps that take place throughout different times throughout the year. We have camps that run for spring break, Pro-D Days, as well as summer camps while leagues are not in session. These camps are designed to cater to ALL levels of ability from U5 to U13, looking to continue to further their development as a player in a fun, energetic and supportive atmosphere. The camp programs will age specific and will be based around the technical components of the game to assist a player’s individual development in preparation for future levels of play or their upcoming season whether that is competitive or recreational. Currently, we have our Summer Camps running from July 19th - Sept 3rd. Please click the link below to learn more about our camps and how to register. 

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Women's League

NSGSC is proud to offer further programs for adults so players can continue to play beyond the youth league. The Women's League has both a Fall/Winter League as well as a Summer League, both of which offer opportunities for all skill levels and abilities. In the fall most of our teams participate in the Metro Women's Soccer League with the exception of any players over the age of 30 looking for recreational soccer who can register for our NSGSC Thirties-Something League. In the Summer, along with our Metro Women's team, we also have an additional team that can participate in the Women's Premier Soccer League. This team however is an invite only program offered to players who have previously played in a high intensity, competitive environment. For more information about the leagues and on how to register please click on the button below.

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Adult Indoor League

The North Shore Indoor Soccer League takes places in the North Shore Girls Indoor Facility. It is composed of two leagues - Men’s and Coed.  They are further broken down into divisions. What distinguishes the divisions is the level of play. In the higher divisions, the play is fast and the players are experienced and in the lower divisions, the play is recreational and the level of playing ability is mixed. There is no specific criteria that a team is required to satisfy to register in any division.  For this reason, the above descriptions have been provided as a guideline only.  Teams should make the decision as to which division to register in based on their own comfort level. There are two seasons for both leagues, the Winter/Fall League and the Summer League. For more information about the different leagues and on how to register please click on the button below 

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