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An important part of athletic performance is nutrition. From what they eat/drink, when, and how much they eat/drink, all depend on frequency, duration and intensity of their activities. Most importantly, all of the above needs to consider individual preferences as well.

A youth athlete’s weekly schedule can be very busy. To ensure they can perform at their best during game time, proper consumption of fluids and foods is a very important part of their daily routine.

This presentation is to help provide a general guideline and may not be suitable for everyone. It is important to develop a strategy that works and feels good for INDIVIDUALS.

NSGSC has partnered with Alia Dunnill, a certified holistic nutritionist, personal trainer, life coach and breathwork facilitator. Shehas been working in the health and wellness space for the last 10 years. She works with clients to help them achieve their goals the way they want to live their life, with sustainable habits as #1 priority.

Nutritional needs are dependent on the individual and the club. The partnership with Alia at NSGC can be provided as follows:

  • Cater Nutrition plans to meet players’ performance goals / requirements
  • Formulate a course for players to understand nutrition on a deeper level
  • Develop hybrid of Nutrition plans, education and habit building to ensure players are fully supported

Please contact Alia directly and reference NSGSC on your phone initial appointment!

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Upcoming Events

NSGSC has also established a curriculum that focuses on the development of the following areas:

  • Preseason Nutrition 101
  • Fueling the body
  • Recovery
  • Preparing for competition

This will include both in person and online workshops for all players throughout NSGSC to attend.

  • Preseason – September 2024 workshop
  • Fueling the body – October 2024 workshop
  • Recovery – November 2024 Workshop
  • The last 15 Mins – February 2025 Workshop
  • Preparing for competition  -  March 2024 Workshop

Official dates and times will be communicated to our membership directly!

General Guidelines

We will work with our players on educating them on nutrient pack meals before, after and sometimes during games which are key to achieving optimal performance:

Keeping in mind:

    • Duration of your activity
    • Type of your activity
    • Intensity of your activity
    • How much time before your activity feels good to eat to decrease the chance of you feeling unwell during activity

Players should eat nutrient packed meals and snacks before, during and after exercise. The right balance of carbohydrates and protein is key to optimal performance. It is important to keep in mind to eat food that works for the athlete, especially before and during exercise.

Below is an example of what before, during and after exercise meals may look like. Keep in mind that the below are only suggestions! Athletes need to eat and drink what works for the them during those below time frames!​

Before Exercise​

  • Breakfast sandwich (egg with whole-grain English muffin or bagel)​
  • Whole-grain bread/bagel with peanut butter or low-fat cream cheese​
  • Greek yogurt with granola​
  • Smoothie made with low-fat yogurt and fruit (fresh or frozen)​

During Exercise​

  • Whole-grain bread with lean meat​
  • Granola bar and fresh fruit​
  • Add low-fiber fresh fruit such as oranges or watermelon​

After Exercise​

  • Low-fat chocolate milk (one or two 8 oz servings)​
  • Low-fat yogurt with fruit​
  • Turkey wrap​
  • PBJ sandwich​

Hydration Guidelines

Hydration is an important part of athletic performance and recovery. As we all know, each athlete is unique to themselves. Many factors play into hydration pre and post athletic events. Below are some guidelines to help with understanding how much and when to hydrate.

  • Our player’s weight in pounds halved is approximately how much water they should look to drink in ounces in a day.
  • The first hour of prolonged activity that lasts 60+ minutes should have your player drink 5-10oz every 15-20 minutes. Think of an oz as a big gulp!
  • Activities that are 60+ minutes, players should drink fluids with electrolytes to replenish more than water diminished in the body.
  • Staying hydrated can be difficult for young athletes. Depending on environmental factors as well, they may need more than expected. Using urine color as a reference for hydration can help keep an athlete hydrated and ready to perform

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