Each year NSGSC recognizes our U18 players who have made a positive impact on the club, school teams, and the community through demonstrating a high level of leadership and commitment. We would like to thank these players for their hard work and dedication by offering the opportunity to apply for our following scholarships.

North Shore Girls Soccer Club Scholarship Winners


NSGSC recognizes the players who have made a positive impact on their club or school teams and demonstrated leadership qualities and a commitment to improve their team experience, above and beyond expectation, while they are in our Club.


Recipient #1: Rebecca Bond

Rebecca Bond demonstrates her leadership as a captain with the Wolves and within her Basketball Academy and off the field and court as a volunteer in her parish. Her own experiences in sports have influenced her as a leader, especially when modeling leadership to younger girls. As a younger athlete, she was afraid to reach out to the older girls, now as a leader, she makes the first effort to approach others, so that they don't have to. “My hope is that in doing this, my peers feel more comfortable to rely on me and build connections.”

This fall, Rebecca will be studying Education at Corpus Cristi College at UBC. She has always wanted to be a teacher on the basis of wanting to help people, and impact the lives of others


Recipient #2: Hannah White

Hannah White gained leadership experience supporting her team training sessions and building the trust of her teammates as a powerful voice on the field. Hannah made a great statement in her application “leaders are the ignition source of the development and empowerment within their community.” It is this thought that has empowered her to take on leadership roles on her soccer, ultimate and softball teams and with the Sutherland Yearbook Committee and Jazz Band. She knows that being committed is the first step in leadership and she is seen as a reliable team member, attending every game, recital, or meeting and learning new skills to later perfect and teach. Hannah plans to study Engineering this Fall.

Rebecca Bond
Hannah White

Thank you to the 2005 Renegades who made a 3-year endowment to our club and will be offering a scholarship of $500 to one of the graduating 2006 Metro Renegades players. This is the second year of this 3-year scholarship.  This scholarship will be given to a player who demonstrates excellence both on and off the field, and has demonstrated a commitment to the game for fun, friendships and fitness.


Recipient: Mia Jenkinson

This year’s recipient has played for NSG since she was 5, and though she has only been a Renegade for a couple of seasons, she exemplifies the Renegade's qualities on and off the field. Mia Jenkinson’s Renegade's experience has taught her the importance of hard work, discipline, friendship and defined what being a good teammate means. For Mia, being a Renegade “has been about creating lifelong memories and competing with heart, pride, and passion.” Being a Renegade takes commitment and dedication. In this regard, Mia gives 100% to always perform at her best to help her team accomplish anything. Mia is an honours student and on the Principles List of graduates and has been awarded All-Star and MVP recognitions on the Sutherland Soccer team.

She will be attending Douglas College in Environmental Sciences – and is signed to the Royals Women’s Soccer Team.

Mia Jenkinson

NSGSC would like to support girls and women in the pursuits of their athletic and educational goals related to health and sport.  NSGSC acknowledges the importance of seeing more female leaders in Sport and Health related fields and would like to assist them in reaching their career goals.


Recipient: Chloe Jones

Chloe has played for NSG for 11 years and is hoping to study Health Sciences at Queen’s University in the Fall, preparing for a career in medicine. Through her participation in sport, Chloe has learned that perseverance and teamwork are essential for success in both soccer and life. “Soccer has not only shaped me as an athlete but has also equipped me with valuable life lessons that extend far beyond the confines of the field.” Chloe takes inspiration from CNWT player Jessie Fleming, a like-minded midfielder who maintains composure under pressure, delivers precise passes, and contributes to goal-scoring opportunities as well as being dedicated to the advancement of women’s sport off the field.

Chloe Jones

The Deb Bramely scholarship will recognize a player who is highly involved in making a positive impact on our community.  Players who receive this award have shown remarkable community service and volunteer hours with a passion to give back to the community and their peers.


Recipient #1: Sophia Milone

Sophia has been an active youth player for 13 years, starting at the age of 5 with NSGSC. In her 2013 transition year, she was offered a roster spot with the 2006 Metro Renegades, where she has played ever since. Next year she will be attending UBC to study Speech Therapy. In addition to her contributions as Vice President of Student Council at STA, Sophia has also progressed through our volunteer Junior Coaching program to become a leading staff coach in our Mini’s and Soccer 4 Everyone programs where she has made memories and meaningful connections that have taught her the importance of understanding, empathy and compassion. Both Sophia and NSG hope that she will continue coaching and volunteering (and playing!) in the future.


Recipient #2: Rosalie Hancock

Roasalie will be completing her youth soccer journey as part of the D1 Reign and has also been a player with NSGSC since her U6 season. She is still deciding on university potentially choosing UofT Vic College or Huron College to study Global Development and International Relations, where she hopes to continue to make a difference in communities through her professional career.

Rosalie is committed to acts of service as a volunteer at school and in her community. Her most rewarding experience has been working with her local Food Bank where she has learned to better understand the struggles of people in her home community. In her words  “I am dedicated not just to personal acts of community service and volunteering, but to inspire others around me to take part as well: "I want to create a ripple effect in my community of mutual support and understanding.”

Sophia Milone
Rosalie Hancock

Awarded to a player who demonstrates leadership qualities as a member of her soccer team or post-secondary institution/trade/school/certificate program.


Recipient: Isabella Parker

Isabella spent her entire youth soccer journey with NSGSC, starting at the age of 5. After completing her U18 senior year, she continued to find camaraderie in soccer with a recreational team while attending Queen’s University. Upon completion of her undergrad degree and returning home to North Vancouver, she rejoined NSGSC Women’s League which has not only helped her develop her soccer skills but also fostered a sense of belonging which reinforced her belief that soccer is not just a sport but an outlet for personal development.

Isabella is now studying Education at UBC to complete her dream of becoming an elementary school teacher. She has also recently started coaching youth soccer.

Isabella Parker

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DEADLINE to apply:  April 29th, 2024.

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