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Why Volunteer?

Dawn explains it well in this video.  NSGSC is an amazing community!


My 10-year old daughter may or may not notice me fold her laundry; she may or may not notice me make her supper, prepare her lunches, and arrange her play dates, but coach her soccer? That she notices. Being on the field with Rebecca is good for us. When we’re on the field together we’re coach and player and for a mom with a tween, coach and player is a welcome reprieve from mother and daughter. 

As an assistant coach, I enjoy working with the other coaches. I really like being part of a community of adults who provide leadership in fitness and teamwork and who are role models for the girls on the team. It does take a village to raise children and whether we’re at practice or the games, I’m aware of being part of that village. 

Jacquie Stebbings


Besides teaching the skills, strategies, and rules of soccer, I also try and provide life-lessons such as dealing with adversity, being a supportive teammate, learning how to lose with dignity and win with humility, and the value of hard work, just to name a few. I want to help players reach their full potential and have fun while doing it.

I love the rush I get watching my players give everything they have during a game, putting it all out there on the field, without fear of making a mistake and, win or lose, coming off the field with a huge smile on their face...

Donna Goodenough


I think I’ve been coaching with the club for 7 years now.  I find coaching my girls very rewarding. I love the special relationship of being coach to my daughter and what that adds to our mother/daughter relationship.  Getting to know all the players and figuring out what works best to encourage them as athletes is challenging and rewarding.  It’s a real privilege to be a trusted adult in players lives and get to see them become more confident athletes.  I know that playing sports was a vital part of my childhood and still is, so making it a positive experience for the girls is very important to me.  

Kathy Dirom



"When we relocated back to the North Shore, I felt that volunteering was a great way to engage in the community and start building friendships.  NSGSC was an easy pick of organizations to be a part of because I am deeply passionate about any organization that impacts young girls and adolescents in so many ways. Coaching is by far the most rewarding and fun volunteer role I have.  Nothing else matters when I’m on the field with my girls."  

Jenn Salt

"Coaching is important to me as it provides me not only the opportunity to engage in an outdoor, physical activity with my own daughter, but with 10 other young girls. I honestly get more from the girls than they get from me, but my hope is that I can provide a positive female role model demonstrating the importance of being active and fit, team camaraderie and respect for others and most important, team work. Coaching is important to me as I get to foster friendship, fun and supportive, collaborative relationships between young girls. At school there is often exclusivity and bullying behavior and on the soccer field, we all come together to work together as a team." 

Lisa Capitanio

<p style=">"I volunteered to coach for a bunch of reasons, but I didn't expect my 5-year-old to be so excited and proud that her mom is the coach. The league support has made the experience incredibly positive and easy, and it's so rewarding to see the girls' enthusiasm and growing confidence."


Alison Gardiner


"There are two things I have heard myself say frequently about coaching my daughter.

First:  With a shy daughter who would always come to find me on the sidelines in the first year at age 6 I soon learned that the best place I could be was on the field.  That’s where she would find me once I started coaching and it made a tremendous difference to her comfort level and engagement.

Second:  What I lack in soccer skills I make up for in enthusiasm with the girls.  There is lots of help for skill development but enthusiasm and fun is contagious and makes for better players and better teamwork."