About us

Who we are

North Shore Girls Soccer Club is one of the oldest and largest female-centered not-for-profit community soccer clubs in Canada. For over 35 years we have had a dedicated team of coaches, staff, and volunteers who are passionate about soccer, and the long-term positive impact of sport. We are committed to the growth and development of girls and women in our community, and to continuing the soccer legacy on the North Shore.

NSGSC offers soccer league and development programs for players of all ages and abilities from pre-school (age 3) through to our Women's 18+ program, the North Shore's only Adult Indoor League, and our popular Soccer4Everyone for youth with physical challenges.


Our Values



Everyone is welcome to play.
We strive to ensure that all barriers to participation are removed, and that each member is affirmed in their belief that they belong.



We believe in ourselves and each other.
Through developing competence, we develop confidence. All girls and women can be confident that NSGSC is a safe space to try and fail, take risks, to learn and grow, and be mentored and coached by the strong female leaders involved in the Club.



We always have fun.
Fun is the root of all that we do: whether creating spaces for friendships to develop, or providing a stress-free space for players, parents, coaches and volunteers to engage in soccer with their community. We recognize that life-long love of sport is born out of fun, so we are here to deliver exactly that!



We develop our players and our community members on and off the field.
We are dedicated to developing our players, coaches, volunteers, and staff. We facilitate the necessary pathways and inspire confidence for all NSGSC members to achieve their goals.



Together, we can accomplish anything.
We build united, supportive, and respectful relationships, and teams. We embody resiliency, inclusion, friendship and fun.


Delivering soccer excellence through empowering girls and women to be their best both on and off the field.


To inspire a lifelong love of sport through delivering fun, inclusive and progressive soccer programs for girls and women across the North Shore.

Our strategy

Inspiring, Empowering and Building Resilient Girls and Women
  • Inspire and empower girls and women to stay active for life and be engaged in their community.
  • Create a welcoming environnement for girls and women to make friends and have fun playing soccer.
  • Provide opportunities for girls and women to gain confidence and competence, and display teamwork and through participation in NSGSC leagues and programs.
  • Build and nurture strong female leaders, mentors and role models in the community.


Inclusion, access and Community Development
  • Nurture and inclusive community of players, parents, staff, volunteers, and community partner's and organizations.
  • Build respectful relationships, inspire pride in the community, and lifetime involvement with the club.
  • Strive to create a Club that is an accurate reflection of the diverse demographics and multi-cultural communities across the North Shore, and that everyone is affirmed in their belief that they belong.
  • Create innovative opportunities to engage new and current players, staff and volunteers.
  • Seek and maintain strategic partnerships with government, industry, club's, sponsors, indigenous partners and demonstrate inclusivity with all stakeholders.


Organizational Excellence and Leadership
  • Honour the longstanding, multigenerational NSGSC history, inspire pride, and gain National recognition for delivering soccer excellence for years to come.
  • Demonstrate strong governance and values-based strategic leadership.
  • Demonstrate operational effectiveness (controls, policies, risk management) and sustainability (fiscal, social and environnemental).
  • Display accessible and effective communication, developing and engaging the membership and community.


Pursuit of Soccer Excellence and Team Development 
  • Develop welcoming, accessible, fun programs, that inspire girls and women to participate in sport for life and stay involved with NSGSC - as players, mentors, technical directors, coaches and volunteers.
  • Train and support technical skill development of players, coaches, and volunteers.
  • Innovate systems alignment to advance pathways and ensure ALL girls and women on the North Shore have opportunity to play and excel at soccer in a league or program suited to their needs and abilities.

Annual General Meeting - Coming Up September 2024

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PHONE:  (236) 476 - 3350      MAILING: PO Box 37031 2032 Lonsdale Ave N Van. V7M 2K0