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What is the new BCCSL goal differential ruling?

To address “blow-outs” relating to scores and the enjoyment of all at the field, the board has agreed that effective for the Sept 28-30 weekend of play and all weekends thereafter, in U13-U18 age groups there is to be no more than a goal difference of 7 reported for all games. This means, if you win a game 8-0 it gets reported as 7-0. If a game result is 10-1, the score would be reported as 8-1. U11 and U12 games still need to be reported as the actual score, and these results do not show publicly but are required internally for the re-tiering considerations which will be more prevalent in these age groups.

What are the field diemensions and set up?
Field Set Up
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Field Dimensions (Imperial)
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Field Dimensions (Metric)
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What is the duration of the game?
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