Easter Indoor Tournament


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Girls U11 | Girls U12 | Girls U13

Boys U11 | Boys U12 | Boys U13

DATES (updated):

Saturday, March 30: Boys U11/U12/U13

Monday, April 1: Girls U11/U12/U13


5v5 in a pad (4 outfield players and 1 goalie).


Each team will play 3 games in the tournament. ALL your team games will be played in a 3-4 hour period on one day.

The schedule will be sent out directly to teams no later than 7 days prior to the tournament.


NSGIF – The Bubble: 808 Lytton Street, North Vancouver, BC.


There will be a pad for separators to watch the games designated for each team. And there will be a small warm-up area for teams to warm up in.


The early bird entry fee is $175.00 by the registration deadline of March 8th, 2024.
The entry fee after the March 8th deadline is $200.00.
***Registration will be closed once spots are filled for each age group.

Refunds/Cancellations can be requested in writing to registrar@nsgsc.com and will be issued prior to March 15th, less $25 administration fee. No refunds will be issued after March 15th.

  • Roster Size: A team consists of five players on the field (4+1); we suggest the minimum number of players on the roster is 7-8.
  • Subs: Substitutions may be made during dead-ball situations, regardless of possession OR on the fly. Players need to enter and exit the field on the bench sideline.
  • Game Duration: Each game will be played at 25 minutes - with NO stoppage in time.
  • Ball size: A size 4 ball will be used for the tournament. Tournament organizers will provide balls.
  • Kickoff: The kickoff does not have to go forward; players may pass back in the defensive half directly from the kickoff. A goal may not be scored directly from a kickoff.
  • Off-Sides: There is no off-sides in 5v5 soccer
  • Yellow and Red cards: If a player receives two yellow cards (cautions) in a single game, they will be ejected from the game (soft red card). A player receiving a red card will be ejected (sent off).

Quick Links

PHONE:  (236) 476 - 3350      MAILING: PO Box 37031 2032 Lonsdale Ave N Van. V7M 2K0