Inclement Weather Information

Alternate Fields

These are A/W gravel fields your game should be played on if your assigned grass field is closed (by DNV/CNV/DWV fields) or deemed unplayable by an attending referee.

  • If your assigned home field is a grass field, an alternate gravel field is assigned at the same time and communicated to you at the start of the season.
  • If your assigned home field is a turf field, but your game is moved/scheduled on a grass field there will be an alternate gravel field associated with that specific grass field assignment.

Note: alternate fields are assigned to specific fields, not teams so if your game is moved to an alternate, it will be the alternate field associated with the grass field you are moving from.

Field Changes


From time to time, DNV, CNV or District of West Vancouver will close the permitted grass fields ahead of a weekend of play and make it necessary for your game to be moved to a different field.  Your team will be notified of this change by your Field Coordinator as soon as the notification has been received from the district scheduler.


On rainy weekends, DNV & CNV fields personnel monitor all fields and notify of closures via their twitter account. @DNVfields @CNVfields.  District of West Vancouver ( makes their closure announcements each Friday by 3pm.

It is the responsibility of each home team to monitor this feed and the website to ensure that their GRASS field is still open and if its not, you need to:

  • Communicate with your opposition that the game is moving to the alternate field (see “how to connect with opponents” below)
  • Email the to advise the game is moving and to ensure all the assigned referees are aware.

**If your opposition is travelling to you (Squamish, Whistler, Coquitlam etc),

  • The home team coach should go to the field at MOST 3 hours before game time to report on the condition of the field and determine if it’s likely the field will be playable.
  • A photo of the field should be taken and forwarded to the Referee Assignor at for confirmation 3 hours before kick-off time to ensure the referee can be cancelled without penalty to the team.
  • Copy your club field coordinator on the cancellation notification


This turf field is the only field this process applies to:  On game day, if it’s raining and closure is imminent due to field not draining the following process is in place:

  • If DNV closed the field – and it’s within 3 hours of your game time, the game is cancelled. (See “how to re-book the game” below.)
  • If DNV closed the field – and it’s more than 3 hours away from your game time, the referee scheduler will make the call for game cancellation based on field conditions at 3hours before your kick-off time. At no time can a 5pm or 6:30pm be cancelled at 10:00am for rain.

Cancelling A Game


U9-10 & U11-U12 Div. 3 (Interlock league games)

  • The Assigned Referee
    1. if he/she/they show up to a field and determines it is unplayable.
    2. In West Vancouver, both the coach & referee are required to agree on the cancellation at the field. If there is doubt, the referee will forward a photo of the field to the referee assignor to make the final decision.
  • A Coach/Team
    1. May cancel at least 24 hours before the game by forfeit that is NOT weather-related (ie. Not enough players).
    2. The home team MUST email: – to ensure referees are advised to avoid penalty to the team.
  • Referee Scheduler
    1. Can cancel games if fields are closed or weather conditions dictate.

U11-U18 (BCCSL games)

  1. The League (BCCSL) (this is NOT the CLUB/NSGSC)
  • Can/may blanket cancel games – after which they will determine if they are removing the games from the schedule (ie.not to be made up) or if they need to be re-scheduled as make up games.

2. Assigned Referee

  • When he/she/they shows up to a field and determines it is unplayable. The home team will need to re-schedule for a make-up game. (See “how to re-book the game” below.)

3. Referee Scheduling Staff

  • May receive field reports from assigned referees and determine if the remaining scheduled games can/should be played.
  • Referee Scheduler will contact NSG Field Coordinator who will send an email notification to the team coach & manager designate in the field coordinator distribution list.
  • The home team will need to re-schedule for a make-up game. (See “how to re-book the game” below.)

4. A Coach/Team

  • Can cancel a game by forfeit at least 24 hours in advance. In this case, the Home team MUST

- – to ensure referees are advised of the cancellation and avoid penalty to the team

- email: – to advise the game is un-played and needs to be rescheduled

- Club field coordinator – to copy on the notification

  • IMPORTANT: the team who has forfeited the game will be subject to a $250 fine from BCCSL

How To Re-Schedule A Game (for BCCSL games)

  • Assuming you have already advised the district scheduler that your game has not been played via email.
    1. If the un-played game is an exhibition game – it does NOT need to be re-scheduled.
    2. If the un-played game is a league/regular season/cup game – it DOES need to be re-scheduled and played.
  • Within 5 days of the un-played game, the HOME TEAM must: Email district scheduler ( and fieldscoordinator the following:
    1. BCCSL Game Match #
    2. Game Opponents (U13 NSG Ranger v. WFC Team)
    3. Cancelled game date
    4. Any agreed upon make up dates that will work for both teams
  • The home team will receive 1-2 options for a make-up game from the district scheduler through their fields coordinator.
  • The home team must send the make-up game options to the opposition and they have 48 hours to respond with their preference otherwise, the home team can apply for a game forfeit through the BCCSL website.

What is a Bye

If you are “scheduled against BYE” this means your team does not have a scheduled game that week.  It happens when there is an odd number of teams in your division group.

Cancelling a NSGSC Practice


  1. If DNV/CNV has closed fields due to inclement weather, they will post on the website and twitter feed.

2. If DNV/CNV has NOT closed fields during inclement weather

  • A coach can choose to cancel their team practice as a choice; If it’s on a TURF field, please advise if it’s a planned cancellation (ie. Halloween or other event so field caretaker can be notified and facilities can be secured outside of normal schedule).

3. The Club may cancel practices when fields have not been closed by the Parks Department in cases where the players health        and safety are at risk. (i.e. air quality, freezing temperatures). If the Club cancels practices, your practice IS cancelled.

Please Note: If a team disregards the closure notice, and continues to practice on the closed field – they are putting ALL the NSGSC field permits in jeopardy of being revoked or not re-issued in the future