Plans for artificial soccer fields likely to be deferred by DNV council

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Dear Club Members, Supporters of the North Shore Soccer Community and All Sports Users on the North Shore,


In 2018, the DNV Council turned down a proposal, supported by both NVFC and NSGSC, to build a much needed two field complex and clubhouse. Council members did, however, agree to replace Inter River 1 grass field with turf. Five years later, we still have not seen construction of this much-needed field commence, despite the commitment made in 2018.

2023 was designated the year when construction would begin. Now DNV staff are suggesting this project be deferred yet again and removed from the DNV budget. Over the next few weeks, Council will be debating the budget. It is crucial for sports users that Inter River be included. We are asking members of both our clubs, and individuals who support soccer in our community, to voice your support for this initiative.

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Here are the facts:

1. There are over 5500 youth and 1000 adults playing soccer in North Vancouver. Soccer is the largest participatory sport in Canada.

2. We currently only have 6 turf fields in North Vancouver. Based on the numbers of players, we have the lowest ratio of turf field to players in the whole of the Lower Mainland.

3. Parents are sick of their kids playing on wet, muddy gravel. The addition of just one more turf field would allow hundreds more kids the opportunity to practice and play on turf.

4. Both NVFC and NSGSC are full to capacity with the current number of turf fields available. We are turning kids away from our academy and development sessions and cramming kids onto available turf.

5. Windsor and William Griffin turf will be replaced in the next few years meaning those fields will be out of use for at least a season. Argyle will not be ready for at least a year and then only partially available to non-school users. If Inter River is not built, there will be a net loss of fields creating a huge problem for all sports field users


Why should the DNV build Inter River field now?

· Council promised they would

· Construction costs have increased 25% since 2018 and will continue to increase

· It will reduce traffic congestion for those parents that currently have to travel across North Vancouver to practice and play


How can you support the construction of Inter River?

· We have organized a petition in support of this initiative at:

Please add your name to the petition.

· Express your support for the initiative by emailing all DNV Council members at


Thank you for your support,


Stuart Ince,  NVFC President

Dean Crawford President, NSGSC President