Covid 19 Safe Return

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If you or are player is not feeling well and has symptoms of COVID-19, seek health guidance and testing; self-isolate until such time that tests are proven negative and symptoms are no longer; DO NOT COME TO TRAINING/GAME.
Should a player, coach or on-bench team assistant call the team and notify you that they have a confirmed cased of COVID-19 and/or have been advised to isolate:
    • Notify this email - immediately
    • If there has been a team session within the past 72 hours, notify your team of a "possible exposure" and ask all to monitor symptoms and to stay home if not well; if uncomfortable, feel free to cancel your next session and notify your Technical Development Manager and/or AGC
      • if this session was a game, NSGSC will take responsibility for notifying other teams/Clubs
    • The confirmed player may not attend NSGSC sessions until they have a confirmed negative test or are symptom-free for 5 days (if they are fully vaccinated) or complete their period of isolation as directed by public health (which could be up to 10-14 days for children under 12, one-dose or those who are unvaccinated)
Effective IMMEDIATELY until the end of January - MASKS are required for all coaches and players U6+ inside the NSGIF (the Bubble) at ALL times, including when engaged in play.
We are seeing more and more cases of asymptomatic members being confirmed positive within hours of attending a session.  Therefore, effective IMMEDIATELY until the end of January - MASKS are strongly recommended for all coaches at ALL times, even outside.
  • We also strongly recommend masks for ALL players during non-intensive training and while on the sidelines.
  • Please refrain from non-socially distanced team huddles/cheers.
  • Please attempt to maintain distance on the sidelines and when not engaged in active play
Any person that has been notified that they may have been exposed, should take extra precautions, like wearing a mask and avoiding close proximity with others.  While public health does not require them to self-isolate, they should monitor for symptoms, and if developed should seek testing and/or further guidance from public health.

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